The most festive month of the calendar is approaching, in which we must think about what children’s fashion outfits are the most appropriate to dress them for Christmas.

Family gatherings and friends will fill the agenda and just as we think in detail about how adults dress, it is also nice to look for those clothes that will star in their outfits.

Velvet and more elaborate fabrics become favorites. Our collections include them and combine them with other less regal to be able to be worn at any time of the day.

The tartan, a Scottish fabric whose protagonists are the pictures, is also among the unconditional of these dates. Its classic red color, combined with accessories such as bows, headbands or patent leather shoes, will always be a good choice.

We do not forget about them, they are and will be essential to complete José Varón’s collections. We created three different designs, for the little ones who use frogs or rompers, for those who still wear shorts and for those who already, long pants are essential.

We hope that today’s ideas will be of help to you, to choose your Christmas look in advance that you will find in the multi-brand points of sale.

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